The Patchwork Project

Revitalizing excess fabrics

The Patchwork Project is a collection of limited edition striped patchwork covers made from excess fabrics.

Each textile combination has a limited number of covers based on remaining stock of textile. The covers are detachable, washable, and interchangeable with any standard cover for Conlix or any Multifunctionals when worn, or if times call for a more understated cover.


The styles of today – and tomorrow

To embrace the diversity of people and taste, we happily introduce our choice of styles for today and tomorrow. Dive in and explore. Each style is unique and described further under their category.

Which style is yours?


The Soft Touch

A selection of minimalist designs with a soft and voluminous character.

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Mid-Century Modern

A selection where the archetypal styletto leg is a signature element.

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The Scandinavian Touch

A range characterized by carefully crafted signature wood details.

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European Modernism

A range of designs inspired by the Bauhaus school.

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