Innovation Living Group

Space-saving designs for your home

Innovation Living™ is a Danish furniture company built on the proud Danish tradition of furniture design.

We believe that form and function must go hand in hand to create innovative, durable designs for everyday use. Every product is made with a passion for compact living. Inspired by Scandinavian, long-lasting, and fashionable designs, that fit into homes short on space.

We have dedicated ourselves to design and development of multifunctional sofa beds, and today we are proud to be able to call Innovation Living™ an internationally renowned sofa bed specialist.

Thoughtful behaviour

As consumers, we are all obligated to reevaluate our consumption habits. Our collective will to prioritize the purchase of products that we want to keep over time is crucial, as it is the most effective way to minimize resource consumption and pollution.

As a supplier of upholstered furniture, we are obligated to design and develop products optimized for a long life cycle. At the same time, materials must be selected, and designs developed with sustainability, disassembly, and recirculation in mind.

At Tenksom we strive to honour the above.

Scandinavian Upholstery

We strive to be our customer’s partner of choice to realize their upholstery visions. We design, develop and supply exclusive, white-label designs from our 70.000m2 certified, self-owned manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Denmark, China, and Ukraine.

Likewise, we complement by providing a complete marketing package with all the relevant content for our partners to easily be able to communicate the unique value propositions to their customers.