Innovation Living Group 
+ 50 Years of Upholstery Experience

Welcome to Innovation Living Group, a highly respected, family-owned Danish furniture company with more than 50 years of expertise in the industry, which has shaped us into a leader within the business of furniture production. Our original approach to design, on-time delivery, and low claim rate through self-owned manufacturing facilities reflect our core values.

In our three certified production facilities strategically located around the globe, we employ over 400 dedicated professionals and manage expansive manufacturing and warehousing facilities spanning over 70,000m2.

Sourcing with sustainability in mind

Our self-owned European and Asian manufacturing network streamlines local material sourcing, effectively reducing carbon footprint and unnecessary freight.

Global reach with local commitment

Operating in more than 90 countries, our local facilities and warehouses are close to demand. Our network of over 1500 dealers ensure our products reach customers worldwide.

Our environmental certifications

Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our extensive list of certifications, including amfori BSCI, REACH, FSC, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Oeko-Tex, and GRS. They reflect our commitment to responsible sourcing, ethical production, and environmentally conscious practices.

Quality craftmanship, design and innovation

Our design, comfort, and production integration ensure quality. As a trusted and credible supplier, we hold ourselves responsible for consistently delivering products that not only meet but exceed expectations. With Innovation Living Group, you are not just buying furniture; you are investing in a 50-year heritage of quality, reliability, and innovation.

Innovation Living

Expand Your Living Space

Innovation Living™ is a Danish furniture company built on the proud Danish tradition of furniture design.

We are driven by the belief that form and function must go hand in hand to craft innovative, durable designs for everyday use. Our products are made with a passion for compact living, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian aesthetics that seamlessly blend timelessness and trendiness, making them ideal for space-conscious homes. We set the industry standard with unparalleled comfort and quality, featuring unique mechanisms, and offer a five-year manufacturing guarantee as standard.

As a global sofa bed specialist, we proudly collaborate with some of the most renowned retailers in Europe, the USA, and Asia. Our unique, conceptual omnichannel approach allows us to establish distinctive branded spaces in a specialized niche segment. This approach ensures that every encounter with Innovation Living™ is an experience tailored to exceed your expectations.

We are dedicated to the art of designing and developing multifunctional sofa beds, earning us the well-deserved reputation as an internationally recognized sofa bed specialist. We challenge conventions and rethink how a sofa bed should look and feel, crafting bold and original designs that embody Danish Design's principles of beauty, functionality, comfort, and quality.

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One seat in the right direction

In a world where conscious consumption is imperative, choosing products meant for longevity is pivotal in reducing resource consumption and pollution. At Tenksom, we own this responsibility, offering designer sofas driven by key focus on sustainability, design excellence, and ultimate comfort.

As a dedicated supplier of upholstered furniture, we understand our obligation to craft products that are optimized for an extended life cycle. This includes meticulous selection of materials and thoughtful design, all with a focus on sustainability, disassembly, and the ability to be recirculated, embodying our commitment to a greener future.

Practicality meets elegance in every piece, as all our products feature detachable covers for easy maintenance. With a 10-year warranty on our frames, we stand by our approach to durability and longevity, ensuring your investment endures.

We hold ourselves to some of the world's strictest environmental standards, proudly bearing certifications like the Nordic Swan Eco Label. FSC certified wood is incorporated into all our products, reflecting our unwavering commitment to sustainability. From design to packaging, every detail is optimized to minimize CO2 emissions in transport and storage.

At Tenksom, we are not just redefining furniture; we are reshaping the future. We want consumers to break the unhealthy throw away culture, as we offer sofa design solutions with sustainability in mind.

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At Scandinavian Upholstery, we are not just a supplier; we are your chosen partner in bringing your upholstery visions to life.

Our approach is twofold: Firstly, we offer a diverse, readily available catalog of off-the-shelf designs to meet a range of preferences. Secondly, we offer the opportunity to design, develop, and deliver exclusive white-label designs for major international retailers in Europe and the USA. With a unique team of in-house and external designers, we create products that harmonize design, functionality, and comfort.

As we are committed to creating exceptional upholstery, we are also committed to ensuring that our partners have everything they need to communicate the unique value propositions of our offerings to their customers. Therefore, alongside design, production, and delivery, we provide a comprehensive marketing package, including all the content needed to effectively promote our products.

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