Free up valuable space in your home with a multipurpose sofa

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Sofa. Bed.
Single. Double. 
Flexible living
on your terms.

Getting the most out of your living room should not be a constant compromise.
A sofa bed enables you to live comfortably in compact living settings. It serves as a perfect space to gather and lounge.

Use it as your main sofa in your living room, use it as a bed on a daily basis or let it double as a guest bed when you have friends or family spending the night. A multipurpose sofa with functions expands your living space.




Turn your living room into a guest room

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The Slyder sofa bed series addresses many of the challenges head on by way of flexible designs with three functions



Place the sofa bed freely in the living room during the day. It is a perfect place for a nap, watch a movie or read a book.

Family Lounger

Place the sofa bed against the wall, slide out the seat, flip down the backrest and you have a family lounger and a perfect lounging area for the family. 


Guest Bed

Use it as a guest bed when you have friends or family spending the night. Our Slyder sofa beds provides a large and comfortable sleeping surface for two persons.

Same sofa,
different covers.

We offer detachable covers to a lot of our sofa beds as this option makes it easy to choose more delicate colors and offers the ability to renew the cover at the end of its life cycle.
Instead of replacing the entire sofa, this will create a significantly smaller impact of the environment.

All detachable covers can be machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius. Simply remove, wash, and put the cover back on again - or replace with a new cover to refresh the look of your sofa. 

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Expanding living spaces by you !

Small living ideas that maximize space

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