Let's celebrate life

A splash of color in a grey world 

“CARPE DIEM - Seize the day. Let´s celebrate life with encouraging colors and patterns.” Per Weiss

The collection is intended as inspiration, as an invitation to remember the playfulness and the cheerful, joie de vivre ecpression in our physical surroundings. It could be a piece of furniture with a colorful textile, or simply be colorful accents in the surroundings that set a different setting for a piece of grey furniture.

Discover our different sofa bed designs, style groups, and find a form, color and function that suits your needs and surroundings here

Design values


Innovation Living's uniqueness lies in the uncompromising aesthetics, creativity, quality, and functionality.

The aesthetics reflect the zeitgeist of our time and inspire the creative approach to solving every day challenges brought forth by the global compact living trends and the need for functional solutions to real problems.

We constantly push the boundatires to innovate and rethink how a sofa bed should look.

The styles of today – and tomorrow

To embrace the diversity of people and taste, we happily introduce our choice of styles for today and tomorrow. Dive in and explore. Each style is unique and described further under their category.

Which style is yours?

The Soft Touch

A selection of minimalist designs with a soft and voluminous character.

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Mid-Century Modern

A selection where the archetypal styletto leg is a signature element.

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The Scandinavian Touch

A range characterized by carefully crafted signature wood details..

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European Modernism

A range of designs inspired by the Bauhaus school.

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