W I T H   S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y   I N   M I N D

Multifunctional daybed – highly suitable for recycling

Puri is our take on a design where every detail and material has been carefully evaluated and prioritized with sustainability in mind.

“For numerous years, we have seen a trend towards smaller urban homes. The reduced housing space help decrease people's negative impact on the environment. With the design of Puri, we have prioritized a minimalist durable design language. Placing a great deal of emphasis on a robust construction to ensure that Puri can be maintained over time."

Per Weiss
Chief Design Officer



By carefully selecting environmentally friendly materials that are recycled and renewed the Puri daybed is developed to be passed on to future generations.


The detachable seat covers

Puri is equipped with washable covers which is simple to detach and reattach and making it easy to clean. The covers can be renewed when needed. So it is our hope that Puri will be valued and maintained to future generations.

The comfort

The core of high resilient OEKO-TEX® foam surrounded by soft layers of OEKO-TEX® fiberfill creates a firm mattress suitable for comfortable seating and sleeping. 

The frame

The minimalist design intention behind Puri is expressed in the aesthetic uncomplicated black metal base, where the frame holds the seat cushions and the tabletop - in place. 

The cushions

Puri daybed comes with 1 included cushion. The inner covers of the cushions are made from excess textile and the cushion filling is made from OEKO-TEX certified recycled fiberfill and high resilient foam.

D E S I G N   W E E K

Puri daybed was introduced at Circular Furniture Days 2022 

We are proud to have introduced Puri at Circular Furniture Days 2022. It was a great event, where Innovation Living shared and gained even more knowledge about the ways of working with circular furniture.

It's in our dna to have sustainability in mind and circularity are the thoughts behind the design of Puri daybed.

If you want to know more about the Circular Furniture Days click here.


Fabric made from
recycled plastic waste

Argus & Vivus are the names of our OEKO-TEX certified fabrics made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.
The recycled polyester yarn is made from recycled plastic waste. 

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