Decorate your holiday home with 
multipurpose furniture to expand your living space


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M U L T I P U R P O S E  S O F A S

Expand your living space in style! 

Life can be hectic with all its work, practice, and planning, but once you're in your car, cruising down the road towards your summer home, it's time to take a deep breath and unwind – for big and small folks alike!

The summer or beach house is the ultimate spot for quality family time. Rain or shine, it's the perfect place for everyone to gather and relax.

Sure, the summer home might be small and cozy, but it's got a big heart that can hold everyone. That's where we come in! Our specialty is making the most of every square inch. We create multifunctional furniture that tackles multiple needs, which is especially important in a traditional summer home.

By putting one of our amazing sofa beds in the main room, you can check off multiple boxes at once. The sofa can be placed anywhere you like. If you put it against the wall with the cushions facing out, you'll have a perfect lounging area that can fit the whole family comfortably. With our sofa beds, you'll never run out of room or comfort in your beloved summer home!

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M O D U L A R  

Multipurpose modularity ensures that you can rearrange setup to fit the different use scenarios for day and night.

M O D U L A R   S O F A  B E D S

Take a good care of your guests!

Sunny days, rainy days, great friends, family, and long summer nights. Wouldn’t you like to invite your guests to stay the night?

Dublexo Frej is a comfortable sofa during the day and a restful double bed during the
night. It offers a big variety of seating positions with its adjustable, divided back.

At Innovation Living, we specialize in sofa beds and are experts at expanding your living space.

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