Space saving designs for your summer house !

We create multifunctional furniture that tackles multiple needs, which is especially important in a traditional summer home.

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Multipurpose sofas

Expand your living space in the summer house ! 

The summer or beach house is the ultimate spot for quality family time and a place for everyone to gather and relax.

One of the challenges of a holiday home is often having few sleeping places. It can be a challenge to offer your overnight guests a room with a guest bed.
If you would like to be able to invite more guests than you have beds for, it can therefore be a good idea to use your living room as an extra guest room.

By putting one of our sofa beds in the main room, you create a multipurpose room. With our sofa beds, you'll never run out of room or comfort in your beloved summer home!

Turn your living room into a guest room

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The Slyder sofa bed series addresses many of the challenges head on by way of flexible designs with three functions



Place the sofa bed freely in the living room during the day. It is a perfect place for a nap, watch a movie or read a book.

Family Lounger

Place the sofa bed against the wall, slide out the seat, flip down the backrest and you have a family lounger and a perfect lounging area for the family. 


Guest Bed

Use it as a guest bed when you have friends or family spending the night. Our Slyder sofa beds provides a large and comfortable sleeping surface for two persons.

Multipurpose modularity ensures that you can rearrange setup to fit the different use scenarios for day and night.

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Take a good care of your guests!

Sunny days, rainy days, great friends, family, and long summer nights. Wouldn’t you like to invite your guests to stay the night?
At Innovation Living, we specialize in sofa beds and are experts at expanding your living space.

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Small summer house ideas that maximize spaces

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