T H E   S U S T A I N A B L E   C H O I C E

Eco-friendly & space saving multifunction

Revivus has been designed to expand your living space in a sustainable way.

“Minimizing consumption is a simple and effective way to limit global pollution. As consumers, we must prioritize buying products that we intend to keep for a long period.
As designers and manufacturers we must develop and produce products designed for long life cycles, including sustainable materials and with recycling in mind. Revivus has been designed to meet this challenge.”

Per Weiss
Chief Design Officer



By carefully selecting environmentally friendly materials that are recycled and renewed the Revivus sofa bed is developed to conduce to the revival of the nature.


The Vivus fabrics

Vivus, is the name of our OEKO-TEX certified fabric made from recycled bottles. 

One Revivus cover is made of 3248 g plastic waste = approximately 148 half-litre plastic bottles. 

The cushions

The inner covers of the cushions are made from excess textile and the cushion filling is made from OEKO-TEX certified recycled fiberfill. The covers are made without zipper for easy recycling.

The frame

To provide maximum durability, the frame is made of a strong and durable metal construction, and all individual parts can be renewed in case of damage. All metal parts are powder coated in recycled powder. Apart from for easily removed plastic fittings the frame is a 100% metal construction, optimized for recycling.

The mattress

The base of the mattress is made of environmentally friendly bonded foam. Bonded foam is made from quality foam residues that are granulated and remoulded. At Innovation Living we have produced and used bonded foam in our mattresses since 1995. The top of the mattress is made of 2 different layers of soft OEKO-TEX certified foam.

The mattress covers

The mattresses inner covers are made from excess fabric, and to ensure easy recycling, it is constructed without zippers and the mattress is attached to the frame with a ribbon made of fabric scraps. The mattress can easily be renewed when needed.

The slipcovers

Revivus is equipped with washable slipcovers which is simple to detach and reattach, making it easy to clean. The covers can be renewed when needed. The covers are made without zippers for easy recycling.


Flat pack is the core of our DNA

Flat pack means minimized volume during transport and thus minimal CO2 emissions.
At the same time, the flat pack design creates the opportunity to renew the individual components of the design if they are worn out or damaged.

Flat pack has been an Innovation Living signature feature for more than 30 years