Experience Innovation Living classics in your living space with the Apple iPhone or Apple iPad built in Augmented Reality


A U G M E N T E D  R E A L I T Y  (A R)

See sofa beds in the actual size - in your own home

Using the Apple Safari browsers built in Augmented Reality (AR) virtually makes it possible to place true-to-scale 3D models in your own space. 

Take your Apple iOS device like the iPhone or iPad and view this page to experience Innovation Living products like never before - scroll down and click the product you would like to see in your home.

(Products are only visible when the page is viewed on an mobile device).


A U G M E N T E D  R E A L I T Y  (A R)

How it works

When viewing this page on your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad, products will appear below.

Click on one of the products, wait for the 3D file to load and then scan your room. After af few seconds the sofa bed automatically features in your living space.

Spin it around and place it where you like. 

With the Apple Safari browsers built in AR feature you can walk closer to the sofa, and see the materials and details as if you were standing in front of the actual sofa.