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S U M M E R  C A M P A I G N  2 0 2 0

Are you going to spend
the summer in the
summer house too? 

Often everyday life is full of work, practice and logistics, but when the car rolls, densely packed, against the summer house it’s time to slow down for both great and small.

Time in the summer house is equal to family time with presence and cosiness. Whether the summer affords a lot of sunshine outside or rainy days inside, the traditional summer house must accommodate the whole family.

Even though the compact summer house is characterized by small rooms, it needs to embrace a heart space to everyone - often the living room.

At Innovation Living, utilization and better use of square meters are our core competence. We design, develop and produce multifunctional furniture that help solve several needs and thereby effectively solving the challenges a traditional summer house might have.

By placing a multifunctional sofa in the summer house’s central room, you’ll concurrently solve more than one use situation. The Frode sofa bed can be placed freely in the room primarily as sofa or bed. Placed against the wall with the back cushions towards the wall, you’ll have a lounging area enough to accommodate the whole family.




S L Y D E R S  

Individual sofa bed styles acting as temporary sleeping solutions for maximum space optimization


Expand your living space with a multifunctional sofa

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